Foundation Friday – Milani 2-in-1 Conceal & Perfect

Hello friends!

Welcome to a long awaited Foundation Friday! I have been dying to do this one for you guys!! Mainly I have been dying to try this foundation, but moreso I wanted to do an honest review because I am not sure how helpful Youtube reviews have been thus far.

Today we’re talking all about the Milani 2-in-1 Conceal and Perfect!

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The Rundown: Setting Powders – Loose

Hey everybody!

Happy Wednesday! I haven’t done a Rundown in a bit, and I have been going wild lately with setting powders (i.e. hauling a crap ton and testing them out).

This edition of the Rundown – Setting Powders, will be split in 2: one on Loose Powders, and the other on Pressed.

Bonus…I may have a dupe for you guys in this one – keep reading!

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My Favorite Makeup Removing Wipes!

Hey guys!

So today’s post is a little different – instead of talking about makeup to put on the face, let’s chat about how we get it off the face!

So I did a post on my favourite cleansers, if you’re curious check it out. Today is mainly about makeup wipes – I know this is a staple in a lot of folks’ routines. I personally love using wipes after cleansing as well as when I get those products that are stubborn and won’t come off easily.

And yes, I know it’s friday – no Foundation Friday?? Don’t fret my fishies.. I am test driving a foundation for you guys…stay tuned next week!


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Beauty Basics: Mascaras

Hey fishies,

Welcome to another Beauty Basics!  I want to apologize to you all because as I was scrolling through my last beauty basics (it was on concealers) I realized that it was not content I was happy with. I wanted to push some material out for you guys, and honestly that post is such a mess. It’s too crowded with product and not concise. I promise to re-do a post on concealers – possibly breaking it into high end and low end. I only want to write the best content for you.

With that being said, welcome to my rendition of mascara basics.

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Mini-Haul & Review! LA Girl Cosmetics

Hey fishies!

So first off, Happy Monday! I recently hauled a bunch of stuff from OffDutyBasics – what initially drew me was the fact that they carry a giant selection of LA Girl products, more so than my usual place of purchase for LA Girl, NailPolishCanada. Not only that, I ordered a bunch of stuff from their sister site, ShopMissA, and was pleased with the items and shipping.

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