My Favorite Makeup Removing Wipes!

Hey guys!

So today’s post is a little different – instead of talking about makeup to put on the face, let’s chat about how we get it off the face!

So I did a post on my favourite cleansers, if you’re curious check it out. Today is mainly about makeup wipes – I know this is a staple in a lot of folks’ routines. I personally love using wipes after cleansing as well as when I get those products that are stubborn and won’t come off easily.

And yes, I know it’s friday – no Foundation Friday?? Don’t fret my fishies.. I am test driving a foundation for you guys…stay tuned next week!


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Mini-Review: MAKEUP FOREVER Pro Sculpting Duo

Hey everybody!

So to start off, Happy Monday!

This last week was hectic AF for me – had exams and luckily had the proactive thought to schedule a bunch of posts, so I hope the content last week was keeping you happy!

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