Beauty Basics: Mascaras

Hey fishies,

Welcome to another Beauty Basics!  I want to apologize to you all because as I was scrolling through my last beauty basics (it was on concealers) I realized that it was not content I was happy with. I wanted to push some material out for you guys, and honestly that post is such a mess. It’s too crowded with product and not concise. I promise to re-do a post on concealers – possibly breaking it into high end and low end. I only want to write the best content for you.

With that being said, welcome to my rendition of mascara basics.

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Essence Cosmetics: Slayin’ Or Playin’?

Hello my fishies!

Welcome to another Slayin’  or Playin’ ! I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I finally decided on a brand – essence cosmetics!

This brand came to Canada in 2012, and honestly, nobody really talked about it.  I randomly spotted a stand in the drugstore and what really drew me was their $1 nail polishes. I wasn’t a huge makeup junkie back then, but over time, essence has not failed to surprise me with their affordable prices, and sometimes odd makeup products.

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Beauty Basics: Concealers, Brighteners & Colour Correctors

Hey fishies,

Welcome to another Beauty Basics! Today I thought I would go over some concealers – mainly because I didn’t realize what a collection I had amassed over the years..

There are some mainstays in my collections, a couple of re-purchases and some you might want to skip. I’ve split it up according to high-end, drugstore, illuminators, and colour correctors.

Let’s hop to it!

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The Rundown – Eyebrow Gels

Happy Monday fishies!

Today we are tackling brow gels. Why? Because I am obsessed with brows. I think I’ll post about my fav brow powders and pomades, but I thought we’d start simple and do a lil’ rundown of brow gels.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I need a brow gel. Literally. I can’t have a fleeky brow day without cementing them down with a gel. My brow hairs are quite long and they like to try and run away from my face (you’re probably thinking, well duh bf, just trim them! I do. They grow back. I cry.)

So I have 6 brow gels for you guys today, some clear, some tinted so lets rock n’ roll!

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