Foundation Friday – Milani 2-in-1 Conceal & Perfect

Hello friends!

Welcome to a long awaited Foundation Friday! I have been dying to do this one for you guys!! Mainly I have been dying to try this foundation, but moreso I wanted to do an honest review because I am not sure how helpful Youtube reviews have been thus far.

Today we’re talking all about the Milani 2-in-1 Conceal and Perfect!

I have been dying to test this out, ever since I realized it was a possible dupe for my Clinique 2-in-1. Dupe it is not.

I ended up with 2 shades mainly because I ordered from ikatehouse (my order took a while), but I also spotted a rack in an east coast Rexall. The shades I have are 07 Sand and 09 Tan. Sand works better for my winter skin tone, and Tan will work when I am literally more tan in the summer.


This foundation is thick. I mean…thick. That being said, it’s not awful on the skin, but you do feel like you’re wearing foundation. I personally preferred to use a beauty blender over a kabuki brush when applying this – I found it sheered out the coverage and made it look a little more natural given it’s thick consistency. With that being said… this stuff sits so poorly on the skin. I am not one to worry about things like textures or my pore – I by no means have problematic skin. But this stuff makes me look aged like no other. It added lots of texture to my forehead, as well as emphasizing lines around my mouth.

Adding a beauty oil to this to thin it out helped a little bit in terms of how it sat on the skin. I however, don’t want to have to add beauty oil to my foundation every time I use it. Now that I own both, I’ll unfortunately have to do this if I want to wear it.

The finish is a satin matte. You do need to set this with a powder, which is to be expected.

The longevity on this is standard, and I need to blot around the 5-6 hour mark, especially in my nose area.

Like I said, I have this in 2 shades -07 Sand and 09 Tan – 2 very different shades. Their range runs extremely yellow, and really caters to medium skinned folks, which is unfortunate. If you’re fair, pink, or very deep in skin tone, I am sad to say this foundation probably won’t work for you.

On the topic of shades – this stuff oxidizes. And it oxidizes weird. I went from my normal tan shade to a weird oxidized pink mottled color. It was not pretty. It only added to the weird texture and I just looked so bad in my opinion.

With that being said, it worked quite well with my NYX HD concealer on top, and set with my NYC loose translucent setting powder.

Packaging is an A+ since you get a pump and it’s in standard plastic packaging. Nothing crazy fancy, but hygienic nonetheless. I find that its hard to tell apart the shades within the bottles however, and everything looks (to me atleast) like its just a tan shade.

Now, the whole 2-in-1 thing, I am not sold on. I wasn’t sold on it for the Clinique foundation and rightfully so, it didn’t work out with this guy either. This is buildable so spot concealing is a thing, but under-eye concealing? Nope. Nada. Don’t do it. It cakes and creases, so stick to using this as a foundation and possible spot concealer/double up for coverage – if you want to purchase it at all.

Overall: This foundation sadly, was a bust. If you want to try it, it won’t break the bank at $13CAD. I really wanted to love it but after test driving it for almost 2 weeks I am not sold, and I just don’t think it works for combo skinned gals. If you were on the fence, I’d skip it.

I hope you liked this Foundation Friday! Let me know in the comments below if you love or hate this foundation!


Until next time,



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