ColourPop Cosmetics: Slayin’ Or Playin’?

Hey fishies!

Welcome to another Slayin or Playin!

We’re talking about the much hyped, much loved, and burgeoning indie brand, ColourPop.

I didn’t know anything about this brand until about a year ago, when they began to blow up on instagram and Youtube. I first encountered them when Kathleenlights did her first collab, as well as Tati’s review of the brand on Youtube.

I was mad intrigued at the texture and pigmentation of their products, and I feel like ColourPop was the first real liquid lipstick I tried out.  They’re so affordable and fun and quirky, I couldn’t help myself.

While the products I talk about today aren’t new (as in product or even formula-wise), I figured I would give you my thoughts on the brand regardless.

I personally only own  a highlight and some liquid lippies + lippie sticks, so we’ll go through those!

Highlight: Wisp

This is a beautiful, warm toned champagne gold highlight. I initially bought this because KathleenLights said it was a dupe for Becca’s Champagne Pop – I am not sure if they are straight dupes, but they are quite similar. I also bought this because I wanted to test-drive ColourPop’s weird velvety mousse formula. I didn’t commit to any eyeshadows cause I wasn’t sure (I am regretting that now). The formula is soo silky smooth and hyper pigmented. I do however, notice this wears off. The ‘wet’ nature of it makes it not as long lasting as say,  a really good powder highlight. Check the pigmentation on application though:


I like to apply this with my fingers and just dab it into the cheeks and brow bone.

Liquid Lippies:


I bought 4 liquid lippies, all in the brown-neutral-nudes family, because I’m boring like that. Limbo is my favourite shade because it is a deep chocolate brown with warm undertones. Very vampy, very fall. The other shades are all in the nude/grey/taupe family. Now, these are the infamous Ultra Matte lips, and yes, they are very uncomfortable to wear. CP has reformulated and also launched a Ultra Satin lip which is supposed to be much more comfortable, though I haven’t tried any.  For $5USD a pop, these aren’t bad lippies, but by no means do they have the best formula in town. i will put up with a drying formula like this (always lip balm first!), just because I love the colour selection they have. If you can’t deal with creasing, stay away. You will see they settle into fine lines:


Left to right: Limbo, Trap, Beeper, Kapow

Lippie Stix:

I bought 4 lippie sticks, and they are also matte. Not as drying as the liquids, and much more comfortable. Again, I bought a bunch of brown/beige shades (and one purple!) because mama can’t branch out in her life ever.


My favourite every day out of these 4 is Cookie, with my next fav being Tootsie. Grunge is a very dark brown and creature is a deep, cool purple…more along fall season type lips:

wp-1476051210654.jpgTop to bottom: Grundge, Tootsi, Cookie, Creature

Every single item I ordered from CP was around $5USD, and they shipped to me no problem. My package was nicely wrapped and I didn’t have to wait very long for my shipment. I think that they are cute and quirky as a brand, and I understand why they’ve taken off. I personally am going to order some more stuff because they have markedly increased their collection: new lip finishes, lots and lots of new highlighters, contour/highlight pencils, eyebrow creams, gels and liners etc. Not to mention scores and scores of eyeshadows!

Overall verdict: ColourPop is steady slayin’. They are an affordable hipster indie brand, and I like their packaging, marketing and overall direction. The quality of their products is in line with what you pay (if not moreso), and they are continually expanding. I highly recommend trying atleast a few products (aka highlights + lip products).


Hope you liked this Slayin or Playin !


Until next time,



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