My Favorite Makeup Removing Wipes!

Hey guys!

So today’s post is a little different – instead of talking about makeup to put on the face, let’s chat about how we get it off the face!

So I did a post on my favourite cleansers, if you’re curious check it out. Today is mainly about makeup wipes – I know this is a staple in a lot of folks’ routines. I personally love using wipes after cleansing as well as when I get those products that are stubborn and won’t come off easily.

And yes, I know it’s friday – no Foundation Friday?? Don’t fret my fishies.. I am test driving a foundation for you guys…stay tuned next week!


I’ve broken up the wipes depending on particular makeup cleansing needs.

Let’s get into it!



The elf makeup removing exfoliating cloths are so amazing! They are ridged and bumpy, and those little ridges help exfoliate the face while you are cleansing. I love elf wipes in general, since they are soaked through with proper remover. They get off hard to remove makeup and the exfoliator leaves a nice finish to the face. It is quite bumpy, so if you have sensitive or easy to irritate skin, don’t use these. I recommend the regular make up removers from elf though – they are a favourite, and I am stocked up on these.



So, I consider these specialty wipes. Why? Because these guys are soaked with retinol as well as make up remover. I grabbed these from Marshalls and I have bought multiple types of specialty wipes from this brand. I know they have a collagen one, as well as a couple types infused with different scents etc. I really like these wipes, and they commonly go on sale at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I like to use these on days that I wear makeup, but my skin needs a little rejuvenation.

Scented Wipes:

So these are regular wipes (the normal elf removal clothes included) – I find that the wipes from Forever 21 are quite good, the only problem with them is they can dry out due to the packaging. One plus about elf packaging is the opening is made of plastic and keeps wipes from drying out. I picked up the ole henriksen wipes during Christmas last year, and I personally love the ‘nurture me’ line – the moisturizer in this line is amazing! The wipes are great too – worth the price tag? I am not so sure… I included it mainly because the scent of these is wonderful – like an orange creamsicle – and it does a great job.

Eye Remover Wipes:


So I scored these at the dollar store – they are super soft and almost feel like a paper towel. They are quite sturdy, but I wouldn’t necessarily tout them as ‘eye makeup’ remover. They are sensitive so my eyes don’t sting. I liked how it removed my face makeup, but I did have to go in and use cleansing oil to get off all my mascara.



I hope this post was helpful, and I know it’s a little different – so let me know what you think! Should I post more skin care stuff? Leave a comment 🙂


Until next time,



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