Mini-Review: MAKEUP FOREVER Pro Sculpting Duo

Hey everybody!

So to start off, Happy Monday!

This last week was hectic AF for me – had exams and luckily had the proactive thought to schedule a bunch of posts, so I hope the content last week was keeping you happy!

Today we’re going to do a quick mini-review on MUFE’s Pro Sculpting Duo:


I have mine in the shade 02. Unfortunately, this duo doesn’t run in many shades, and there are only 01 and 02 in the line. I obviously have the darker version – if you are fairer, 01 has a lighter, pinkier highlight and slightly ashier/grey contour. I personally love how finely milled the contour and highlight on this duo are. They are so silky smooth to the touch, and because of the consistency, the product glides on pretty effortlessly.

The powders are pretty epically pigmented:


As you can see, the highlight is insane – the bronzer/contour isn’t mind blowing, but is a beautiful warm shade. I wouldn’t contour too heavily with it, just because it is on the warmer side. I do appreciate that it is a true matte contour shade though (unlike Charlotte Tilbury!)

I personally am all for duo compacts, and while not every company gets them right, I think MUFE did a great job. The fact that its a standard size pan, but you get a proper spacing of highlight to contour makes application and aesthetics so much more pleasing. I don’t find myself getting contour into the highlight or vice versa. The compact has a mirror which is also always a plus.

The packaging is sturdy, and the only real gripe is that it doesn’t feel super luxurious, but it doesn’t feel cheap either. I feel like for the price you pay ($46 CAD), the packaging could have been a bit heavier and more fancy.

I find that the product lasts a decent amount of time – the highlighter doesn’t last forever though. I found that around the 5 -6 hour mark, most of my highlight had faded, and there were just remnant speckles of gold left on my cheek.

Overall: Do I love this duo? I would say I really like it. Love would be an overstatement. I think if you’re in the market for a no-muss, no-fuss contour AND highlight, this is definitely worth your money. 2 products in 1 for this duo is worth it. Go out and swatch, and see how you like it!

Hope you enjoyed this mini review!

Until next time,



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