Foundation Friday -LA Girl Pro BB Cream

Hey fishies!

So welcome to this week’s Foundation Friday… today its the LA Girl Pro BB Cream! As an aside, let me know if you guys want a Foundation Friday every week? Or should I make it every other week? Let me know!

So we’re doing another BB cream – and this is one I have been dying to try for quite some time. I first saw Tati’s review of it on Youtube, which spurred my desire to try it, and when I realized that OffDutyBasics carried a bunch of LA girl, I hauled a bunch of stuff.

I’ve been wearing this cream on and off since I’ve gotten it, and I have to say, the hype is real.


I don’t know what it is, but there’s an amazing blurring property about this BB cream. I applied it with a brush and immediately my skin texture changed. I’ve tried using a sponge, and I found that I liked the application. I personally don’t use sponges, just because BB creams have a lot of built-in luminosity, and I don’t need to sheer them out.

The consistency is really nice – not too runny and not too thick. I find it doesn’t give a white cast like a lot of BB creams, which is a plus. it applies easily and non streaky with both a brush and a beauty blender.

There’s no obvious scent to the product, and it comes in an easy squeezy tube. The range is quite impressive, so everyone can find something (hooray!). I wear the shades Medium and Medium-Dark, depending on the season. Sadly, I’ve lost most of my summer tan and Medium suits me quite well right now:


In terms of wear time, I went my usual 8-10 hour day and I did have to blot midway through the day. There was no transfer to my blotting sheet, but I did set it with my LA girl pro powder (also a winner!). It holds up quite well, especially considering it’s a BB cream.

As I mentioned above, make sure you set it if that’s your preference. I feel like any liquid product it could slip around if you don’t set it, but of course do what works for your skin type.

Overall: this BB cream is a must. It’s so affordable, beautiful on the skin and easy to use. Definitely worth it!

Hope you enjoyed Foundation Friday!

Until next time,



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