Mini-Haul & Review! LA Girl Cosmetics

Hey fishies!

So first off, Happy Monday! I recently hauled a bunch of stuff from OffDutyBasics – what initially drew me was the fact that they carry a giant selection of LA Girl products, more so than my usual place of purchase for LA Girl, NailPolishCanada. Not only that, I ordered a bunch of stuff from their sister site, ShopMissA, and was pleased with the items and shipping.

I had heard Tati rave about their ProBB Cream when it launched about 2 years ago, and have been dying to try it ever since. I’ll be saving that review for this week’s Foundation Friday, so stay tuned for that!

I also picked up some more shades of the ProConceal as well as their Pro primer, powders and setting spray. Reminder that everything here cost me less than $5 CAD!

Let’s get into it!

Setting Spray:


This setting spray is good, for the price. I would say it is definitely much better than my Wet n Wild Setting Spray, mainly because while that spray is great, it leaves a bit of a residue on the skin.

HD Primer:


I love this primer! It does exactly what it says – its a smoothing primer that fills in my pores. I love how it doesn’t dry out the skin like some other pore filling primers and on the flip side isn’t too oily or greasy/slippery. I find it does a good job at extending the longevity of my makeup, but like most primers, breaks around the 6-7 hour mark.

Pro Conceal Concealers + Colour Correctors:


I posted a Beauty Basics on concealers a couple weeks ago, and LA Girl was on that list. It’s definitely a favourite of mine, and one of the most affordable concealers you can own. I won’t go into much detail since I’ve already written how great these are, but I wanted to pick up a green shade for redness, as well as 2 darker shades for contour, and a light shade for highlighting.

HD Mattifying Powder:


These powders are like silk. They are so finely milled, they glide onto the skin like butter. They mattify beautifully, much like my BH Cosmetics Pro Matte Powder (which I love). I picked up as many shades as I did because I wanted to contour and have a powder for my winter shade as well as my summer shade. I’ve been testing these out for the past week and I find that my nose oils are very well controlled, with minimal oil on my blotting sheets around the 5 hour mark.

Pro BB Cream:


You’ll have to wait til Friday! 🙂

Disclaimer: this is my last haul for a while, lol. I am on a no-buy pretty much until November when Sephora has their VIB Rouge sale… here’s to hoping I can control my makeup urges !


Overall: If you have never shopped OffDuty before, I recommend it! Shipping time was amazing, my package was wrapped so well, nothing was broken or crushed. Their shipping rates are totally reasonable, and they have such a great selection of LA Girl.

As for LA Girl, it’s a brand I will continue to support because they have such affordable products that are amazing quality. Definitely worth your money!


I hope you liked this mini-haul & review!

Until next time,



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