Foundation Friday – CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation

It’s that time again! Welcome to this week’s Foundation Friday!

This week we’re visiting a foundation that came out last year, but I spotted it recently at my drugstore – this foundation would not go on sale – but I finally saw it for $8CAD down from $12.99CAD and snagged it up.


I have mine in the shade 860 Classic Tan. Unsurprisingly, this is is another example of a drugstore brand not having any shade range at all. My shade is second last darkest, and the shade jumps between colours is kind of ridiculous. I will say that props to them for including 2 semi-dark shades with a such a restricted number of foundations (but that isn’t that great).

As for consistency, this foundation is runnier than ‘normal’ but it isn’t super liquidy. My Infallible Pro Glow is much, much runnier than this:

I was quite surprised at how full coverage this foundation was for a luminous formula. I tend to think luminous or glowing foundations are sheer, but this, in my opinion, has a medium coverage if built up.

It definitely needs to be set with a powder, but I found that it lasted a good 6 hours on me during the day without touchups. My oils on my nose started to peek through, but that is to be expected. It held up moderately well after blotting, with a little bit of patchiness.

My concealers, blush, bronzer etc worked perfectly fine on top of the foundation, with minimal skipping or patching. I did prime my face with a mattifying primer – this is my usual habit. I try to use the opposite finish primer to foundation just to minimize any chances of looking like a greasy hot-dog.

Stay Luminous is thick enough that you could use a beauty sponge to apply, but I like to use a stippling or dense foundation brush. I find that pressing and stippling works best (I rarely swipe foundation onto the face, it looks mad streaky and is bad for your skin).

The packaging is A+ since you get a pump and it’s in glass so it feels a little more luxurious than plastic or acrylic.

I think it goes without saying that this is a luminous foundation – dry girls dream, oily girls nightmare. I find that it settles into pores a little, so try a pore filling or blurring primer underneath.

Overall: I am not sure if you could tell, but this foundation was just meh for me. Do I recommend it? Sure, if you’re wanting to try. Am I crazy about it? Not really. I personally think there are other luminous foundations at the drugstore, and while this wasn’t bad, it wasn’t mind blowing. Try it for yourself and see if it’s a match for you.

I hope you all enjoyed this Foundation Friday!

Until next time,



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