The Rundown: LIP EDITION – NYX Cosmetics

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Welcome to The Rundown: Lip Edition! Today we’re going over NYX Cosmetics. Now I don’t know about you but I remember being in a CCO years and years ago..and going into a $1 bin and finding tons of NYX shadows. They were in shoddy packaging and I remember thinking, what brand is this? The colours were bright, I was 18, and it just worked. Since then NYX has grown and turned into quite the powerhouse drugstore brand.

So this edition of the Rundown is going to focus on NYX’s humongous line of lip products. I feel like they are the champions of drugstore, affordable, amazing lip products. I am a fan of their entire range, but we’ll save that for another post 😉

Now I don’t own the entire range of their lip products, mainly because they have so many new releases, but we’ll go over their Simply line, High Voltage, Lingerie, Liquid Suede, Butter Gloss, Ombre Duo and Soft Matte Lip Creams.

Let’s get to it!

Soft Matte Lip Cream:


Ah, the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I feel like these are a fan favourite, and with good reason. These are truly a ‘lip cream’ – a soft moussey texture that’s not too drying and in opinion, not a dry matte, but still a matte finish. They have a huge range of colours, and are continuously adding new shades. I obviously love the nude/brown end of the spectrum, but Sao Paolo is my favourite soft blue-undertoned pink. I think if you are new to the matte lipstick craze, these are a good place to start since they aren’t too harsh on the lips and have really beautiful pigmentation. They’re decently priced (~$6CAD), and smell like cupcakes. They do have one down side: they don’t have the greatest staying power. So keep that in mind, but I think everyone should give these a try!

Simply Nude, Pink & Vamp:


Simply nudes are the cutest little chubby lip cream sticks! If you’re not into the Lip Creams, these little sticks are easy to apply and throw into your purse. As you can see, my Simply Nude in Sable is almost dead, its the perfect nude. I am not huge into the Simply  Pink line since pinks just don’t look great on my skin tone, as they come off ashy. I love the Simply Vamp just because I love vampy lips. These again, don’t have great staying power, but have nice pigmentation and are really comfortable on the lips.

Liquid Suede:


Now these were all the hype when they came out a year or two ago, and as soon as they were available on the Canadian website, I snatched up some shades. These are kind of a variation on the Soft Matte Lip creams, but a tad bit more matte, with a flatter doe foot applicator. The consistency is not as whipped, but is still very comfortable. I find the lighter shades are patchier, but the darker shades are really pigmented and look amazing. These are pricier, but I really love their nude shades – if you catch these on sale, give them a try.

Lip Lingerie:


Now – these were extremely hyped up on Youtube and the beauty community. I snagged these at IMATS Vancouver and was really excited to try them. Since these are “lingerie” for your lips, most of the shades are in the nude range and I completely don’t mind, since I always reach for a nude. I can say that I was pretty disappointed with these. The texture of these is really sticky and they apply very patchy. Even the darker shades applied patchy, which is a sign that the formula is not of great quality. They are an odd finish, and these are also on the pricier end of NYX’s lip product range. Honestly, if you are looking for a nice nude lip, try a soft matte lip cream or liquid suede – these are too uncomfortable and apply terribly.

The Randoms: Ombre Lip Duo, High Voltage Lipstick & Intense Butter Gloss:


So now we’re down to the singletons – these are the products I wasn’t willing to buy multiples of, but really just wanted to get a feel for. I can safely say that the Ombre Lip Duo is my favourite out of all of these. The formula on the duo is a matte finish, and I have it in the shade Coffee (I believe). One end is a skinny point meant to be a liner, with the other end used to fill in the lip, and you smack your lips together – voila, an ombre! I really love how comfortable the formula is and this has great staying power. The High Voltage Lipstick is a great formula, especially if you aren’t a huge fan of matte lipsticks. The bullet is nice and slim and easy to apply. This colour was way too light for me and is actually quite ashy, but if you were looking for an affordable, easy to apply lipstick, try out this line. NYX’s Intense butter gloss – honestly guys, I don’t know why I bought this. I am a matte lip girl at heart, and rarely do I ever wear glosses. I think I was drawn to the deep purple and couldn’t help myself. That being said, their butter glosses are richly pigmented so if you love a glossy lip, these aren’t expensive and apply lovely. They aren’t too sticky and don’t need many swipes to be opaque.


Overall, NYX makes wonderful and affordable lip products and I highly recommend you all to go out and try some of their range! I hope this post was helpful – now go slay those lips!


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