Mini-Review: elf Matte & Aqua Beauty Liquid Eyeshadows

Hey guys!

So this week has been crazy busy with school and clinical work – I haven’t had any time to write a quality post. So I thought I would give you that lil review I mentioned in my elf haul on the new Aqua Beauty & Matte Liquid Eyeshadows!

I only grabbed 2 shades of the matte eyeshadow, and 1 of the aqua beauty because I wanted to test out if I liked these or let’s get into it!

Here’s some swatches to start us off:


From top to bottom: matte shadow in Brown Cashmere; matte shadow in Nude Linen; Aqua beauty shadow in Rose gold.

As you can see, these swatch pretty beautifully. The matte shadows are very pigmented and almost remind me of a liquid lipstick (so weird, right?) I wore these 2 times so far and they haven’t creased or flaked on me! I did not wear an eyeshadow primer, but I do bring concealer onto my eye and set it with a loose setting powder. I wore these bare, so I have yet to test them with other shadows; however I’m not too worried since they dry down to a true matte. The shadows are moussey in consistency and really easy to apply.

On the other hand – this aqua beauty shadow… I am not so sure about it. I think the reason lies partly with the fact that I decided to pick up a lighter shade. But I didn’t think this swatched impressively. It was kinda patchy and chunky? Disappointing. However – I am willing to buy some of the darker, coppery and super metallic shades to re-test. I wasn’t impressed with the way this wore on the eye (i put it on the centre of my lid). Again, it was kinda patchy and a little chunky, with too much blending it sort of disappeared. I will update you all when I re-order from elf, because I definitely want to give this line a chance! I can’t say I am that big a fan of watery eyeshadow though.

Pluses for both shadows – the packaging is great. Pretty standard acrylic casing, but I’m a simple girl and I really appreciate a good doe-foot applicator in a shatter proof acrylic case.

Overall: Get the matte shadows, fo sho. Aqua beauty? Maybe order one and see if you like it. I can’t personally recommend rose gold, but try a more pigmented shade and see how it fares for you.

Ok, this was a quick and dirty review! I hope you all liked it! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these shadows 🙂

Until next time,



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