elf Haul!

Hey fishies!

So ELF is throwing a 40% off sitewide sale (excluding newer items) and my package from them arrived about 2 weeks ago. I contemplated not blogging this haul, but it isn’t that many items..so I thought what the heck?

I got some brushes, a few eye items from their beautifully bare and aqua beauty lines, as well as some items they were discontinuing. I included those items just because some places have elf in physical locations so you might be able to still snag these if possible!

Let’s get into it!



Now this isn’t the most exciting part of the haul – as you can see I only grabbed 2 brushes. My current spoolie is on its last days so I nabbed their “Lash and Brow Brush” – can’t beat it for $1USD!

I also nabbed a Highlighting Brush – truth be told, I actually have ordered this before, but it was during launch when people were in a frenzy to grab it. My order ended up getting shorted and I was refunded the $3 USD. I was disappointed and since I saw it in stock this time around, I thought I would give it a shot. I was pretty disappointed with the cut of their Tapered Blending Brush which lots of folks use for highlighting. So I hope this guy pans out.

Face Powders:


So these are the items which are being discontinued – their Pressed Mineral Foundation. I actually believe that their entire Mineral line is being phased out completely – when I shopping a month ago, everything in their Mineral Line was priced to clear. If you can nab some of their Mineral items, do it! It’s such a good line, I hope they bring it back in new packaging. Anyway, I grabbed these powders since they were half off. As you can see, I got one for finishing, one for a light bronze, and one to set cream contour. The shades left to right are : Toffee, Medium Beige, and Dark. The powder is super silky so I am really excited to use these!

Blush Duos:


I wanted to try their new Blush Duos and so I grabbed the darker version in Rosy Flush. I believe the point of this duo is that you can use the left blush shade on its own, or augment its colour by mixing with the lighter shade on the right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t see any other way to use that powder.

The aqua beauty Blush and Bronzer is in Bronze Beauty and man, was it a trip swatching this for the first time. I wasn’t expecting it to be the texture that it is! It’s like a wet, whipped mousse gel.  So weird, but so cool! The pigmentation on this isn’t insane, but it also isn’t patchy. It’s a very unique cream formula and I am excited to try it out. The blush shade is so beautiful as well. My one big plus about Elf’s new duos is the insanely big mirror in the compacts. Such value!

Eye Stuff:


2 standard items first – a black eyeliner pen. I grabbed mine in Midnight- just a black, felt tipped liner. I have heard somewhere that this pen might possibly mimic KVDs Lock It Liner in Trooper. That test remains to be carried out, but I want to see if that’s true. I also grabbed their Shape and Stay Wax pencil. You know I am a brow fiend, so I am going to try using this with my brow powder and see if it works in keeping my brows in place.

I grabbed 3 liquid eyeshadows – 1 from the aqua beauty line: the Molton Liquid eyeshadow in Rose Gold; and 2 of their beautifully bare Smooth Matte eyeshadows in Marvelous Mauve and Nude Linen.

I am going to do a separate post on those 3 eyeshadows, but from what I can tell, they seem promising? I love the nude matte shades!


Ok folks, I hope you liked this little haul! Stay tuned for a post on those eyeshadows!


Until next time😉


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