Coastal Scents Hot Pots Haul!

Hey lovely fishies,

Guess what came in the mail today???

My Coastal Scents Hot Pots package!

So for those of you who don’t know, Coastal Scents is an affordable makeup brand (you can purchase from their website here). Every year they do a single eyeshadow pan (“Hot Pots”) sale where they slash the price of their single eyeshadows 50% …their eyeshadows are affordable to begin with so this sale is definitely worth the wait, and the money!

CS has many MAC dupes – don’t believe me? Do a Google image search! I initially found out about this sale from Nouveau Cheap, the makeup blogging queen.  CS does charge shipping based on price and/or weight (I haven’t figured that out..) so it cost me $11 USD to ship $22 USD worth of eyeshadows to my PO Box. I bought 28 eyeshadows(1 duplicate by mistake, lol), so with my grand total, AND taking into account Canadian conversion, I spent like, $0.75CAD on each eyeshadow. That. Is. Insane.

Let me show you the goodies!

Unfortunately I am not going to swatch everything because I just don’t have the time or armspace? Let me know if you would like particular swatches 🙂

I broke up the shadows according to colour family:

Purple/Plum Shades:


From left to right : Violetta, Wild Raisin, Vintage Burgundy, Raisin Berry,Burnished Wine

Pink Salmon Corals:


L to R: Mauve, Peach, Peachy Copper, Bright Copper

Reds  & Dark Marsala:


L to R: Pomegranate Red, Redstone, Spiceberry, Coral Pink

Taupey Golds:


L to R: Oatmeal Tan, Nude, Flesh Tone

Greens And Olives:


L to R: Dark Golden Olive, Olivewood, Forest Eve

Browns, Chocolates, Taupes, LOVE:


L to R – Top Row: Deep Roast, Chocolatier, Cherry Chocolate, Burnt Umber

Bottom Row: Amaretto, Amber Bronze, Root Beer, Goldmine


I am beyond excited to play with these guys!! FYI I am going to store these in my MUFE Metal Palette 🙂 As you can see, nothing came broken, and the little plastic packages they came in are so easy to take apart and remove the pan from.


I swatched a couple of the shades for myself and these are amazing! They swatch so smoothly and are so dang pigmented. I am really happy I decided to bite the bullet and purchase some CS shadows – why aren’t these hyped up more?

Anyways, this post was short, but I hope you liked this haul!

Until next time,



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