Beauty Basics: Concealers, Brighteners & Colour Correctors

Hey fishies,

Welcome to another Beauty Basics! Today I thought I would go over some concealers – mainly because I didn’t realize what a collection I had amassed over the years..

There are some mainstays in my collections, a couple of re-purchases and some you might want to skip. I’ve split it up according to high-end, drugstore, illuminators, and colour correctors.

Let’s hop to it!

High End Concealers:


So to start off, you’ll notice that my preferred concealer medium is liquid. I own a few creams and have had pot concealers in the past, however, they are just so annoying (for me) to work with. Of the above, my absolute, holy grail status favourite is the bareMinerals BARESKIN concealer. This is my 2nd tube, and I wear the shade Golden Medium. It is the most blendable, perfect toned and creaseless concealer I have ever used. It is definitely worth the $22CAD, and if you are in my skin tone range and have slightly dry under-eyes, this stuff is for you. My next favourite is a tie between the KVD Lock-It Concealer (in Medium Cool) and my UD Naked Skin Concealer (in Medium Light Neutral) – these are both really creamy and a little goes a long way. Least favourites – and this breaks my heart, really – are my MUFE Ultra HD and Full Cover Concealer. Why? It’s more of a shade issue for my Ultra HD.. it’s just too damn yellow but honestly I should try it again, maybe as a brightener. The Full Cover is super heavy duty and I am not in need of insane coverage, so I recommend if you have major darkness or imperfections to hide. The Sephora Collection Bright Future gel concealer had such potential, but the applicator is garbage. Skip it – or try to find disposable doe-foot applicators to use with it.

Drugstore & Affordable Concealers:


My hands down favourites from my drugstore collection of concealers are my NYX HD Concealer (in 06 Glow) and Maybelline’s BetterSkin Concealer (in Medium). I know that a lot of folks claim that the Fit Me Concealer and LA Girl PRO Conceal are holy grail status – and understandably so. These concealers are great, but I just love my NYX and BetterSkin one a little more. Both of these concealers I have repurchased more than once. The NYX and BetterSkin give great coverage and neutralize any darkness under my eyes. The first drugstore concealer I purchased was the Instant Age Rewind, and honestly, this stuff creases so badly under my eyes unless I go out of my way to bake. I personally don’t have time for that so it’s taken a back seat. The LA Girl Pro Concealers are amazing and I recommend that everyone own at least one – they are so affordable and a really creamy formula – not to mention they cater to every skin tone in existence! The Fit Me and elf HD concealer are good – nothing to write home about, but if you’re in need of a standard liquid concealer with ok coverage, try them.

Illuminators/Brightening Concealers:


So I realize that I put 2 concealers in this category, and that is mainly because of the way they show up on my skin. The Fit Me in Shade 20 and my Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot eraser show up quite yellow and bright on my skin, so I will often mix them into the ‘planes of light’ on my face – i.e. the middle of the forehead, just underneath my undereyes, my cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose. All areas where you would normally highlight. I am quite hesitant to recommend products like the Dream Lumi Illuminator because I found it so drying – it also is so difficult to work with…I had to immediately blend after application, which I find annoying. In all fairness, can you skip these guys? Yes. Just illuminate with a yellow tone concealer, skip any ‘illuminators’.

Colour Correctors:


So there are only 2 products in this category just because I don’t colour correct often. I find it tedious and I really only do it when I am going full glam. I recommend, SO HIGHLY the LA Girl Pro Conceals – they have orange, yellow, purple and green correctors. They work amazingly and are super blendable. If you are fair, I don’t recommend the orange corrector, as it works better with deeper skin tones. I would try NYX’s corrector, or something that is more pink based. I bought Essence’s Say NO to Redness because I was having a week with some really bad pimples – this stuff isn’t great. It blends away to nothing and since its a cream product (ugh, I hate creams), it can leave dry, residual bits on the skin. Skip it, and save yourself $4.

Ok lovelies, I hope this was helpful – I know concealers can be a stressful part of our makeup routine (atleast they are for me, haha). Let me know if you guys like Beauty Basics!

Until next time,



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