Foundation Friday – Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream

Hey fishies,

I know the post says “Foundation Friday” but its…not Friday. Sorry for this belated post! My week has been crazy since it’s the first week of school but I wanted to keep Foundation Friday going 🙂

SO today we’re talking about not so much a foundation but it has quickly become one of my favs: CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream, which had a whole hell of a lot of hype on YouTube:


So I originally picked this up at Shoppers because…well it was on sale (lol). It’s normally around ~$12 CAD but it was half off and I nabbed it for $6 CAD. I do recommend waiting for a sale whenever pining for something at the drugstore. Without fail, every single cosmetic item at the drugstore will go on sale (atleast in North America). It comes in a squeezie tube which I don’t mind – makes it hygienic and easy to dispense product.

When I was in store swatching, I was torn between getting medium and medium/deep. I normally run in the medium/golden/tan range for my foundations and BB creams. I eventually chose medium/deep because it is the summer and I’ve got a tan going on – the medium was just showing up a little ashy on my skin.

As you can see medium/deep works quite well and blends seamlessly into my skin.

When it comes to finish, this claims to be a matte finish. While it’s not a drying matte (like L’Oreal Pro Matte), this definitely is a semi-matte. It is very comfortable on the skin and blends seamlessly. I am a combination-skin girl, with an oily nose and dry perimeter. This BB cream did not cling to any dry patches and I was able to wear this comfortably over a mattifying primer (Rimmel Stay Matte Primer).

Longevity wise, I tend to stay away from BB creams because they get so damn oily and I end up looking like a greasy hot dog at the end of the day. This BB cream however, held up extremely well! It did not get greasy or oily, and did a decent job at controlling my nose oils. I did have to blot at around the 5 hour mark, but it was nowhere near the oil that I have with any other foundations or BB creams.

I recommend for oily girls out there to still powder since this is not a true matte BB cream, but it will definitely control oils.

There are 5 shades in this range I believe, from fair to deep (but we all know, deep isn’t that deep. I mean, I wear medium/deep).

This BB cream plays well with other products – I have worn it with multiple different concealers, blushes and bronzers and there isn’t any skipping or patchiness. I do prefer to apply this BB cream with a brush – I generally use brushes for BB creams and tinted moisturizers. They tend to run thicker than foundation and a beauty sponge doesn’t give me the desired finish. I recommend using a flat top kabuki, or something similarly dense.

Overall, if you are like me and wary of BB creams – try this one out! It’s not like other BB creams – it is really more matte and doesn’t give a greasy sheen or finish to the skin. It lasts a decent amount of time and makes the skin look really amazing and flawless. Not to mention it’s damn affordable (wait for a sale!).


I hope you liked this (belated) Foundation Friday!

Until next time,



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3 thoughts on “Foundation Friday – Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream

  1. Oh this looks nice, I wonder if they do a ghostly white shade for me! Anyway, just dropping by to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award lovely 🙂 check my latest post for the rules and questions ❤
    Liv x

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