Beauty Basics: Setting & Priming Sprays

Happy hump day fishies!

Today, as I stare out the window and enjoy this awesome heat (which is so unlike the weather over here, really), I think about my makeup. And how it’s going to melt off my face.

Dun dun dun.

But no fear! That’s why the makeup gods invented setting sprays. I personally need a setting spray, because if not, my makeup will take a vacation all over my face and I am a melty, hot ass mess by the end of the day.

So this post will be broken down into priming sprays, ‘normal’ finish sprays, and matte finish sprays.

Let’s get down to business:

Priming Sprays


To be frank, I don’t care much for priming sprays. It really stems from the fact that I don’t think they’re a necessary step in my makeup routine. If you love them, by all means, do your thing. I initially bought the Urban Decay b6 spray thinking it would make my skin look so much better? I don’t think it does any of its claims – like reducing redness, pores and absorbing oil. That being said, I don’t mind my Jurlique Rose water mist or my elf Mineral Mist, mostly because I just like to spray them on my face after a shower. It feels nice. Is it necessary? Not really.

“Normal” Finish Setting Sprays:


Now we get to the real stuff – setting sprays! These are what I like to think of as leaving your skin with a “normal” finish – not too mattifying and not too dewy. I reserve my UD All Nighter for days that I am wearing A) very expensive makeup, for a fancy event or B) days that I need my makeup to stay on for 10+ hours. My Maybelline Master fix (and its L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray twin) are my everyday spray and work just fine. The misters on all of these are very functional. The mist is very fine and it deposits an even amount of product on your face without drenching particular spots. I just got the Wet n Wild Photo Focus spray and have been testing it out. It holds up to its claims and does a really nice job of locking in your makeup. Everybody needs a setting spray. Whether you want to splurge, or go to the drugstore, get you a setting spray!

Matte Finish Setting Sprays:


Real talk – I hate the e.l.f. Mist and Set. The regular one, the dewy one, the matte one. I hate them all. Why? They smell awful. Like putrid greens? If you like them, I apologize – I just couldn’t keep mine… I got this sealed Matte Mist and Set in a gift pack from e.l.f. and am going to pass it on at some point. However, the Ben Nye Final Seal is amazing. I’ve never felt my face sucked in so tightly by a setting spray. It instantly mattifies the face and locks in your makeup. I grabbed this guy at IMATS for $11 CAD and I personally love Ben Nye. Their makeup is made to last and built for film and special effects. One word of caution is this stuff has alcohol or some similar agent in it, and it burns when it hits the inside of your nostrils (yes i got setting spray in my nostrils). If that don’t bother you, and if you have oily skin, try the Final Seal!

Dewy Setting Sprays:


I know, I know – MAC Fix+ isn’t really a setting spray. It doesn’t set anything. It doesn’t help the longevity of your makeup..BUT I keep it around. Why? Sometimes ya girl goes too ham with powder or undereye bake, and I end up looking like a powdery, ashy mess. Fix+ rescues all of that. This stuff is so hydrating it immediately takes powder away from your face and leaves your skin with a nice, healthy glow. I do cringe when watching Youtube gurus spray their eyeshadow brushes with it – girl, that ish expensive! Use water??? Or a cheaper spray? Is it just me? (lol). I recommend everybody have a travel size of this around to save the day when you’re looking too powdery.


Okay, that’s it! I hope you’re all a little more knowledgeable about setting yo face! Go out and slay, fishies!

Until next time,



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6 thoughts on “Beauty Basics: Setting & Priming Sprays

  1. I’ve been on the hunt for a new setting spray so this post was so helpful for me 😊 P.S yes! I totally feel you… I cringe whenever I see beauty gurus spray MAC fix plus to their brushes 😂😂 I guess I will be getting that one as I heard many great things about it. 💕 Awesome post! 👍💖

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