The Rundown: Brow Powders, Waxes & Pomades

Hey fishies,

So school is in full swing for me… and because I am not yet ready to study, I figured I would blog 🙂

To complete the trio of Brow Rundowns, we’re gonna talk about brow powders today! (And pomades and waxes, because of course).

I don’t need to talk about how much I love filling in my brows, so its only natural that I am blogging about more brow products. Because pencils and gel aren’t enough. lol.

So let’s just get down, shall we?


I didn’t include my elf Eyebrow Kit, but that’s a mix of a wax and a powder, so I’ll get into it later on below. But powders are my favourite choice to fill in my brows when I am not wanting to be super bold. I find that powders take a lot of work to build up and I personally think it’s really hard to create a harsh line when using a powder. So on days where I’m just rocking concealer and mascara, I’ll go in with a brow powder and clear gel. If you’re looking to get a decent brow product, theBalm Brow Pow and Freedom Makeup London brow powder are 2 of my favs.


I mentioned in a couple blog posts already that pomades aren’t my favourite brow product. However, sometimes ya girl wants to rock a bold brow. And the easiest way to do that is with a pomade. I also don’t feel the need to set my brows when using a pomade like ABH’s Dipbrow, because the product is quite thick. A great alternative (and much lighter option!) are elf’s Brow creams. They market these as brow cream and eye liners, but really I only used them on my brows. They’re lightweight, super pigmented and do a great job at giving a bold brow. Not to mention they are mad affordable.

Waxes (and an in-betweener?)

Okay, onto waxes. I really love the elf eyebrow kit – it is a dark wax with a lighter setting powder and depending on how hard you go with it, you can have a soft, feathery brow or a very bold Instagram brow. It’s very affordable and so versatile, so if you’re looking to branch out to powders/waxes for your brows, I recommend this! I wanted to try a tinted wax pencil, so I bought the Sephora Tinted Brow Freeze. It’s meh. It made my brows kind of sticky and I had to set them, which was annoying. They felt a bit matted as well, so I don’t think its worth the money. HOWEVER, the Sephora Brow Builder – YOU GUYS. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. Why are people not talking about this more???? It’s such an odd little package, with a doe-foot style applicator. But the product isn’t’s more of an interesting powder finish and it makes filling in your brows so easy. I friggin love it. And it’s reasonable for high end – I believe it ran me $15 CAD.

Okay guys, I hope this post was helpful! Now you’re all set for brows! Go forth and be fleeky 😉


Until next time,


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