e.l.f. Cosmetics – Slayin’ or Playin’ ?

Hi my fishies!

Welcome to the third “Slayin or Playin’” ! Today we are tackling one of the internet’s favourite brands – eyes lips face aka e.l.f. cosmetics!

Now, a little background, I have been a patron of this brand since longgggg back. I mean, way back. Back when they had a black background..and you weren’t sure if you were going to get a customs charge (lol!), back when you would get a magazine subscription with an order.

Needless to say, elf has substantially upped their game in terms of cosmetics, and I’ll be running you all through my collection – and we will see: is elf Slayin or Playin?




So their primers are legit if you like silicone-type facial primers. I personally love the hydrating face primer and I use it beneath my L’Oreal Pro Matte foundation because it helps avoid any dry patches or clingy areas on my face. The Mineral Face primer is good and standard. AVOID the one in the gold packaging – I believe its the Illuminating Primer. I purged it. Why? It’s a beige toned primer with gold flecks in it. You’ll look insane. Avoid.



So elf has expanded their foundation/face products quite a bit in the last couple of years, and I will guiltily admit that I have an elf order on the way…with a powder foundation..eeps. BUT for the products that you see above, I have to say, only 2 are real winners. The elf Acne Fighting foundation and elf BB Cream are 2 foundations that serve 2 polar opposite purposes. The Acne Fighting foundation works amazing for full coverage (not so sure about the acne claims), and the BB cream is perfect and my go-to in the summer for light coverage and some spf. Steer clear of the Flawless finish – it is neither flawless, nor does it have a nice finish. It has little to no staying power … the HD Mattifying cream foundation is not matte and in my opinion, my least favourite medium for foundation (I hate creams in a compact). Avoid these!

Setting Powders:


So one of these powders is an SPF loose powder foundation type deal, but I bought it and used it as a setting powder. Honestly? It’s meh. There are other loose powders at the drugstore that I think would work just fine. The HD loose powder, which I had in two shades, but I only kept corrective yellow – works decently. Many say it is a dupe for the Ben Nye Banana Powder – It is not.  However, it works great to dust off bake and give your undereye some brightness. The Perfect Finish HD powder is awful. I am a woman of colour and this stuff is stark. ass. white. I look ghostly afterwards and grey/ashy. The HD undereye setting powder is also a god awful ashy mess. I think if you’re fair it might work? I still have my elf eye brightener from…a long time ago. I should throw it out. Again, it’s just a standard under eye powder, an attempt to dupe bareMinerals undereye powder. Dupe it is not.



So this concealer is all by its lonesome as I purged some of my cosmetics, and I initially had 2 of these guys – one in Medium and one in Light. I gave the medium away as it was literally the same shade as my skin and I don’t spot conceal often enough for it to be useful to me. The fair shade however, is great! You must set this concealer because it creases, but otherwise it’s not too liquidy and not too thick. It reminds me a little of the Maybelline Fit Me – my only gripe is there aren’t many shades for this particular concealer. If you were looking to try an elf concealer, I’d stick with this guy.

Bronzer & Contour:


You guys. I love every product above. Whether you like ashy tones, cool tones, shimmer, deep bronzer, warmth – whatever your bronzer preference, elf has you covered. Their contour palette is legit at $6USD and a great drugstore option if you don’t wanna spend big bucks on something like an ABH contour palette. Their Pressed Mineral Bronzers are such high quality – do not leave your cart empty without ordering at least one of these. I know that recently they had quite a large sale and are “discontinuing” some products, so please scoop these up if you still can!! Next I love the Cool/Golden/Warm Bronzer lines – very finely milled and the Cool Bronzer is also a great option to contour. I am not a huge fan of baked products, but the Baked Bronzers are lovely, especially when used wet.



I am not a huge blush user, so I’ll keep it short. If you like liquid/cream blush, the HD blush line is legit. Very pigmented, very smooth. Their Pressed Mineral Blushes are also highly pigmented, very finely milled and go on smooth. If you want a lighter, shimmery option, go for a Baked Blush.



Ignore the shattered Baked Highlighter please (lol. I highlight too crazy, eh?). You’ll notice that I’ve got a Baked Blush here – it’s in the shade Pinktastic. This in no way is a Blush. It is mostly a shimmery, champagney baked product with pink marbeling and I personally use it as a highlight. The Elf Blush in “Gotta Glow” – Avoid. People say this is a dupe for NARS Albatross … I don’t know if I buy it. Save your $3. The Illuminating Palette is my favourite highlight out of all of these – a wonderful, affordable dupe to Hourglass Ambient powders – not the same, but pretty damn close. Gives such a subtle and beautiful glow to the skin. I use the Dewy Drop mixed in with foundation and it works just fine. If you are looking for a bomb-ass golden higlight for $1 – Get the Sun Kissed Bronzer. So good you guys!



Again – I love all of these products. And again, there’s a product for every brow preference. Their Eyebrow kit is great, their eyebrow creams are wonderful – a really great compromise on a pomade. I personally am not huge on pomades, but these creams spread really smoothly and don’t feel heavy on your brows. Their Instant Lift Eyebrow pencil is the greatest. And it’s two bucks. What’s not to love?



Okay, talk about diary of a hoarder. I purged some lipsticks from this collection but these were the ones I could see myself wearing. If you are a matte lover, their Matte Lip colours are really cute and easy to use, because they are quite similar to Colour Pop’s style of lipstick – a long tube instead of a short bullet. Makes application nice and easy. Their Day-to-Night reminds me a lot of Bite Beauty’s dual ended lipsticks – not the same quality, but the colours are not bad. I have mine in the Nude shade. Any of their lipsticks in their $1 line – the silver tube – avoid. They smell weird, go on super patchy, and don’t have much staying power. I love the moisturizing lipsticks as you can tell, so go for those if you see any shades you like. The Beautifully Bare Line is kind of sheer, but a really good day time nude. (I had another nude matte lipstick in black bullet packaging kicking around somewhere, but I can’t find it. Those are good too!)



So I will apologize in advance as I don’t have any elf mascaras to review for you all. But what I can say is – their cream Eyeliners are bomb. Super silky, very easy to put on. Caution though, as these can transfer and you need to wait for them to dry down, which I know can be annoying and a deal-breaker for some. I have mine in Black, Copper, and Brown. I have used the brown as an eyeshadow base and I really liked it.

Eye Primers:


Elfs Eyelid Primer is awesome. Nothing else needs to be said. It’s $1 and gets the job done. Their Glitter Primer is also legit, and rivals Urban Decay’s glitter primer.

Eyeshadow & Palettes:


Elf has seriously upped their game with their eyeshadows. If you do not own a Prism Eyeshadow palette, please go out and buy one. The quality on these palettes is beyond – they are so pigmented and creamy, it makes no sense why they’re only $10USD. If you are in the market for a matte, neutral palette, the Mad For Matte palette is your answer. I got the Need it Nude as a gift, and I am not as jazzed about it. Their Baked eyeshadows are BOMB. Use them wet to get proper effect, otherwise they are kind of dull. I own all of the Smudge Pots, because they are so amazing for $2. Super pigmented, easily applied, and they are awesome as an eyeshadow base. The Lustrous shadows are a little odd in texture, and so aren’t my favourite. Try one and see if you like it. Speaking of eyeshadow base, the Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils are awesome!



Now I have quite a few elf brushes and tools – there are definite winners and losers in this category. If you are looking for affordable brushes, anything in their black studio line is a guaranteed winner. They are in the process of expanding their brushes, and so I would recommend anything new to the studio line, as well as the ‘flawless’ or beautifully bare line. The $1, originally white line is pretty shoddy – I only found success with a spoolie, and the shader brush. Everything else sheds and falls apart. Not pictured here is my holy grail blotting papers  – I have a packet in every purse I own! As well, if you need a cheap eyelash curler, get an elf one. It does the job real good.

Overall: Majorly SLAYIN’

I think it was obvious by all of my items and what I was saying that this brand is Slayin’. There are definitely some duds in this line, but I have found through lots of trial and error that the studio line and mineral products are probably your best bet. Elf is continuously expanding and I am so excited for their Fall 2016 launch!

Let me know if you guys saw any of your favourite elf products, or if I missed any of your favs!

Until next time,


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4 thoughts on “e.l.f. Cosmetics – Slayin’ or Playin’ ?

  1. Wow seems like you are a very big fan of ELF i agree with the cream eyeliners! i recently bought them and i am impressed they are so soft i have also have some brushes! lipsticks i had one but it didn´t fit me i will also looooved to buy more but in my country (Chile) we don’t have all the products!

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