Foundation Friday: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer Review

Hey Fishies!

IT’S FRIDAY! And you know what that means… Foundation time!

I recently picked up the Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer. There’s quite a long story behind this guy… I actually bought this a month ago and have been dying to wear it, but essentially couldn’t. I grabbed this at my CCO for $10 cheaper than it retails at Sephora, but lo and behold, when I got home, the shade inside my package was not the shade marked on the label 😐

I ended up bringing Shade 23 Ginger home..instead of Shade 18 Sand. Essentially with a lot of run-around, I had to settle and grab Shade 21, Cream Caramel. It works right now since I am quite tan, but I might look a little nuts come December!

Regardless, let’s start the review!

This foundation and concealer combo normally retails for $34 CAD at Sephora and I was able to find it at my Cosmetics Company Outlet for $25 CAD – that was the real driving factor behind my purchase (lol). While it is considered high-end in terms of foundations, it is on the more ‘affordable’ side considering its price.


It comes in a glass container with a giant doe-foot applicator:


The applicator makes applying the foundation super easy and no need to get it messy and on your hands. A downfall to that is its harder (near impossible?) to mix it in with other products.

It definitely has a lot of pigment in it, which lessens in impact when you blend it out. I used both a flat top brush and a beauty sponge to apply. I recommend a brush when you want a heavier application and a sponge for those who want to sheer out the coverage.

I like to apply it as dots around my face, rather than swipes, and then I’ll buff the foundation out. While this touts a 2-in-1 tag, I personally tried to use this as a “concealer” …needless to say, if you have breakouts, redness or imperfections on the face it does a great job. You essentially double up and get more coverage. I wouldn’t recommend using this under your eyes though. It is mad cakey and I had insta-creasing – no bueno. However, like I said, for spot-concealing, it works just fine.

This sets down pretty quickly – it’s not necessarily totally matte in finish, but it also wasn’t super tacky. I would classify it as more of a satin-matte. I did need to set with a powder as it is not transfer-proof. It most definitely looks like you’re wearing foundation. So for those who do not like the look of full coverage, steer clear. It actually reminded me a lot of the Estee Lauder Double-Wear Foundation in terms of the way it sits on the face and the finish.

Longevity-wise, this sucker lasted on my skin for a full 8 hours. It did begin to cake up a bit around my nose, but that is almost impossible to avoid for me. For reference, I have combination skin – dry around the perimeter and damn oily on my nose (my T-zone is relatively normal, only my nose gets greasy). This foundation played really well with other products like liquid concealer and bronzer.

Overall – I think this is a really nice, mid-range priced full coverage foundation.

I would recommend this to someone who likes full-coverage and wants high-end quality without a super high-end price tag. The application is very easy, it blends beautifully and doesn’t leave your face a greasy/cakey mess.

I hope you liked this Foundation Friday! Let me know if you guys have tried this foundation and what your thoughts are 🙂

Until next time!


bf ♥


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