H&M Beauty: Slayin’ Or Playin’ ?

Helloooooo fishies

Welcome to another instalment of “Slayin’ Or Playin?” – today we’re discussing H&M Beauty!

I was at the mall this week and decided to jump into H&M to see if there were any good sales going on. While inside, I noticed in their makeup section that a ton of their makeup was on hyper sale. I decided to pounce.

Now, please don’t judge me because I only bought sale items, but I have been skeptical of H&M’s makeup line, mainly because YouTube has ranted about it … but only during launch. I haven’t seen any ‘gurus’ use their products since they debuted. Moreover, I don’t think that H&M prices are super affordable…not when competing companies like e.l.f. and Wet n’ Wild are putting out such quality products for under $5.

With that being said, let’s start off with the eyeshadows:

The shades I picked up in order are: Mediterranea, Firmament, Aventurine, Shellfish

These shadows probably impressed me the most out of the few items I picked up. They are quite creamy, not too powdery and don’t kick off too much. I picked up some fun colours since there weren’t any neutrals or nudes. I managed to snag these for $3, down from their regular $7.99 CAD. I think if you were looking for a really fun pop of colour these are great. The pigmentation is really nice and these buff out great. You can pack the colour on easy as well since they’re so smooth. I’m impressed for sure.


From left to right: Firmament, Aventurine, Mediterranea, Shellfish


I also snagged an eye glitter dust. I’m not normally one to use glitter, but I did test run this guy using my e.l.f. glitter glue. It’s not a bad glitter..however, it is quite gritty and if you rub hard enough it’ll be abrasive on the skin. It gets a thumbs up for packaging since its a tapered opening and you don’t end up getting product everywhere, like most sifters. I got mine in the shade ‘Out of this World’ and it was $3 CAD on sale.

Next up were the bronzers:

I grabbed 2 of their bronzers that were on display – the Solar Flair Bronzing Powder in Golden Honey and 2 of their “Bronzing Powders”, in Dark Tan and Gorgeous Tan. The Solar Flair bronzer is soooooo creamy guys. It is slightly powdery, but the powder is so soft you barely notice it. I picked up Golden Honey as the other shade they had was too light..well, Golden Honey is kind of light for my skin tone too. I think when I am more pale in the winter, it’ll give a really nice warmth to the face. However, I have to say I was disappointed by the shade not showing up on my complexion as much as I like. By no means is this cool toned, so no contour ability, which is also unfortunate since its such a nice matte. The “Bronzing Powders” aren’t as smooth as the Solar flair, but they weren’t gritty either. Gorgeous Tan is too light for me, but surprisingly might work as a highlight, or brightening powder (as weird as that sounds). Deep Tan is quite shimmery but its offset by the deepness of its colour. It was really nice at adding life to my face and was dark enough to bronze properly. I grabbed all 3 bronzers for $3 each. Overall, I wasn’t blown away by these bronzers which is sad because I really like the Solar Flair formulation.wp-1471396848742.jpg

Top: Deep Tan, Bottom: Gorgeous Tan

Overall Verdict: Unfortunately, Playin’.

The fact that even though I got the majority of this stuff on sale and I wasn’t impressed by half of it, makes me feel like this brand is playin’. I don’t feel like I would recommend any of these products, especially at full price either. The only thing I could stand behind are the eyeshadows, especially if you see a shade you really love. I should mention that I swatched their blushes and wasn’t very impressed so even the $3 price tag didn’t tempt me. The eyeshadows are definitely worth your time. I nabbed a $1 nail polish in the shade “Orangeade” but I wouldn’t pay full price for any shades in their full range. I think you can get comparable stuff at the drugstore.

Okay fishies, hope you liked my thoughts on H&M Beauty! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Until next time 😉



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