The Rundown – Eyebrow Gels

Happy Monday fishies!

Today we are tackling brow gels. Why? Because I am obsessed with brows. I think I’ll post about my fav brow powders and pomades, but I thought we’d start simple and do a lil’ rundown of brow gels.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I need a brow gel. Literally. I can’t have a fleeky brow day without cementing them down with a gel. My brow hairs are quite long and they like to try and run away from my face (you’re probably thinking, well duh bf, just trim them! I do. They grow back. I cry.)

So I have 6 brow gels for you guys today, some clear, some tinted so lets rock n’ roll!

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper – Medium/Dark


I love this brow gel and it is probably my favourite tinted brow gel. It comes in a couple shades but I tend to buy the darker/darkest tinted shade. It goes on really smooth, has a really nice and small sized brush. That’s a lifesaver because you don’t end up getting tinted gel all over your face. My one con about this gel – it gets so weird and balled up when you try to wash it off your face. No kidding. I have to dissolve it really well with my Neutrogena cleansing oil and then wash it off with a soapy cleanser. It still balls up but you just gotta wash it really well. This stuff is budge proof and keeps my long hairs in place allllllllll day. LOVE IT.

NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel


Next favourite – NYX Control Freak. This is essentially my clear go-to brow gel. I normally reserve this guy when I go super ham with my brows i.e. they’re super super bold and I don’t want to add more colour to them. I also really like to use this guy when I have no product on my brows but I want them to look clean. This gel has the best hold of all the brow gels I am mentioning today. I’m currently on my third tube so..I think that’s proof enough.

Essence Make Me Brow – 02 Browny Brows


Okay, I know you all in the beauty community have heard the hype with this one. When I was strolling through Shoppers a couple months ago I saw this little guy and I thought hmm.. I am getting Benefit flashbacks…and yes, this is a straight up dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow. The applicator on this guy is nice and small so you can get really snug into the brow hairs. The formula is mousse-like in texture and spreads easily. I will say it’s not as long lasting or completely waterproof but..its $3. And I think it looks great.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara – 05 Black


So this was my jam for a long time before Loreal Brow Stylist Plumper came on the market. I love NYX products and I think they make some amazing dupes, especially to a lot of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products. Comparing to gels on the market today, I am not a huge fan of this gel. I find the tint too harsh and drying – I also don’t like the way it spreads through my brow hairs. It lasts a long time, but at the same time, leaves my brows crunchy. In my opinion, there’s a lot better options for tinted gels, so leave this one at the drugstore.

DAISO Clear Brow Gel


So I’m throwing this guy in even though I just hauled it couple days ago. I’ve been wearing it since then and I really like it? It’s only $2, is a really moussey texture, almost sticky. This really kept my unruly hairs in place but I don’t have crunchy brow hairs. If you’re new to brow gels and don’t want to commit to something pricey, or tinted, this is not a bad option.

Essence Clear Brow Gel/Mascara


So. I am a rabid Essence cosmetics fan. I bought all their nailpolishes when they first launched in Canada a couple years ago and when I saw that they expanded their line to brow gels/mascara I gave it a whirl. I used it, and honestly I can’t remember why I repurchased this. It’s such a wet and runny formula it doesn’t really do anything. You almost feel like you’re putting water on your brows – it is sooo wet. It doesn’t do much for hold really is a $2 product. If you want a gel from Essence, get the Make Me Brow.


Okay fishies, hope you liked this post!

Until next time 😉



bf ♥


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