Quick DAISO Haul!

Hey my fishies!

Hope your weekend was lovely! I spent a lazy Saturday with one of my girlfriends and we decided to impulse drop by a DAISO store after grabbing lunch together..

The results were kind of hilarious. I grabbed quite a few organizational things, some mugs, candles, an umbrella (lol?), and of course…MAKEUP!

Ready..lets go!

Random Makeup Organizing Stuff:

I am an organizing freak. I cannot help myself when I see little organizational drawers or trays and so I kinda went ham. I really liked the grey pattern containers, and I think they’ll make a nice home for some brushes – I hope to use the larger drawers for my “everyday” drawer..you know, for that top shelf stuff you wear every day.

The clear plastic drawers are more just for storing stuff and I really like that it’s see-through. I feel  like once I put away stuff in drawers, I don’t see it – then I forget it exists? so I mainly want to keep lipsticks and lip products, and maybe some compacts in this one.

The tower of drawers I know I’ll put any extra or back up make up – I have one already, its just a little smaller and it holds all my facial oils and brow grooming products. Really cute, takes up very little space and yes, it’s plastic but it was only $6!


I got this letter holder after watching a Youtube video by Zabrena – I saw that she used letter holders and similar shaped items to store her eyeshadow palettes. Right now all my palettes are stacked and don’t look as nice as they could, you know?

Candles & House Stuff:



I have like 40 candles at home? But I thought, why the hell not, you need more candles. I really just spotted that cute holder and then I kept smelling all the tea lights in the store. Then I ended up with 4 packets in my basket. lol.

The mug was cute, so it happened.

Hair Stuff:

I had been eyeing those telephone-cord type hair bands at Sephora for a while now but could never justify paying the price for them. So when I spotted these cute hair bands I thought it couldn’t be too bad. And of course, I got a headband for good measure.



So I didn’t go insanely crazy in the makeup section because honestly, I wasn’t feeling most of what they had. I did snag a lipstick, a brow gel, and a brow pencil. Excited to try them!


Okay fishes, I know it was a short and sweet post, I’ll have some exciting stuff for you this week!

Until next time πŸ˜‰



bf β™₯


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