Let’s Test: Hair Straightening Brush!

Hey fishies!

So I’m back with a first impression & test – I was intrigued after watching SlashedBeauty on Youtube demo this interesting brush. She has much thicker hair than I do and it did a pretty legit job at straightening out her hair.

I purchased it mostly because there are certain days where my hair is just a frizzy mess in the morning and I want to leave the house looking a bit more put together. I normally don’t heat treat or style my hair – ever. But given that it’s sooooo long now (its like, down to my belly button), it is getting a tad bit unruly between trims.

The package came really fast – 2 days, and I qualified for free shipping. I bought it from the seller DROK on amazon.ca – linked here for those interested.

This ran me a grand total of $32.99 CAD, and I have to say, I am quite impressed.

My hair has a natural wave to it, but is quite long and so is weighed down. It can be frizzy at times, which was my main reason for purchasing this brush.

While it doesn’t get rid of kinks in the hair totally, it definitely worked best when I ran a smoothing serum through my hair first and then brushed it through – I tested it under my morning routine, so I spent less than 7 minutes or so on my hair…had to get out the door!

I didn’t bother parting my hair because I truly wanted to see if I could run the brush through and get the frizzies and large kinks out of my hair..surprisingly I was able to do that. For reference, my hair is not coarse, but not super fine – it’s about in the middle. I also do not have heaps of hair..those days are long gone! (haha)

Some cons are the brush is a bit heavy for a “brush” – its essentially a little heavier than a standard flat iron. The display is really nice and easy to maneuver. For those who don’t use metric system, the celsius degree marker might throw you off a bit, so watch out for that.

Overall – I was really impressed with this product and its perfect for someone who’s looking to settle their hair in a short amount of time. By no means is this a replacement for a flat iron, but the results are great nonetheless.

I hope this review was helpful! Have a beautiful weekend!

Until next time πŸ˜‰



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3 thoughts on “Let’s Test: Hair Straightening Brush!

  1. I’ve always been horrified of brushes like these, i’ve heard one horror story too many about them burning off hair 😦 but it seems like they are of better quality now, might have to try one soon.

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