Foundation Friday: Makeup Forever WATER BLEND Foundation REVIEW

Hi Fishies!

Welcome to yet another series idea I’m testing – Foundation Friday! I have quite a few high end and lots of drugstore foundations, so I figure I could give you guys my honest review ..maybe make it into a repeat thing?

I also wanted an excuse to test run this foundation – the highly anticipated MUFE Waterblend Foundation.

I have used their Face and Body Foundation, which I believe is being discontinued, although I have heard mixed things about Waterblend being a re-packaging strategy and really they’re just the same thing (I have no clue). They don’t feel super different to me, if that’s worth anything.

So I originally picked mine up at IMATS for $30CAD, but it is available in stores at Sephora and I also believe you can buy it online as well. It retails for $54CAD on the Sephora website. I purchased mine in the shade Y415:

Given the name, this foundation is runny and blends out really nicely. I like this shade for my current complexion.

It sits really nicely on the skin, and for peeps like myself who aren’t heavy coverage on the daily, this foundation is perfect. It evens out your face and gives you a nice glow without looking greasy.

Because it is such a runny foundation, I found using a beauty sponge to be useless – use a brush! I used my Morphe G1 buffer and it blended it out fantastically.

This foundation plays well with other products like concealer, blush and highlight!

In term of staying power, I went about 6 hours before I noticed it started rub off a little, and by 8 hours, I feel like my makeup was in the end zone. For my friends out there that need 12 hour wear, I wouldn’t recommend.

If you’re in the market for a glowy, low coverage foundation, I definitely recommend. Girls and guys who need heavier coverage, stay away!

Overall: Purchase if you want a lightweight, sheer coverage foundation that won’t clog up your pores or feel heavy.

Ok fishies, I hope you liked this review!

Until next time 😉





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