My Favourite Affordable Eye Brushes

Hey Fishies,

Since I posted about my favourite affordable face brushes the other day, I figured I would round it out and tell you all about my favourite basic eye makeup brushes! These are all affordable and can be bought easily online or at the drugstore 🙂

Shader Brushes

Everybody needs a shader brush. These are ideal and totally necessary to packing on shadow, especially metallics and shimmers. Here are a few of my favs:

e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” brush – $3USD


This brush is great. It’s a little unique in terms of shader brushes because it is quite fluffy. I find it works best for packing on mattes and colours that you might not want to go super intense with. It doubles as a nice blender too because it’s fluffy enough.

Crown Brush Infinity Chisel Shader C462 – $3.50USD

This is a great shader brush. It’s a bit shorter in terms of bristle length, and is dense. I love using it for running shadow tightly along the lower lash line, or being really precise when packing on eyeshadow. Works great for brown bone highlight too!


Blending/Crease brushes

Blending is your friend. Blending is your life. Everybody needs a crease brush to buff out the crease, work in their transition shade, and make all those harsh lines disappear. So necessary, guys.

Jessup Tapered Blending


I purchased this in the 15pc Jessup kit that I mentioned in my favourite face brushes post, and this brush is so amazing. Its fluffy and not too large, so it fits perfectly in your crease and gives you the most blown out look to your eyeshadow. When you factor in that it was like, two dollars, it makes it even better.

Morphe Brushes Mini Round Buffer Brush


This brush was purchased as part of Morphe Set 690, 6 piece deluxe contour kit. I personally really love this kit – the brushes are heavy and have some weight to them, they feel super luxurious and the packaging is really cute. I personally love this brush for adding transition colour to my eye as well as buffing out any harsh lines. The kit itself is $20USD for 6 brushes.

e.l.f. Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush – $3USD


We all struggle to have our eyeliner on fleek. This brush takes the frustration out of my eyeliner routine – the little bend end allows you to get in real close with lots of control. So easy to wing out eyeliner and give you a precise point.

Morphe Pencil Brush


I bought this in Morphe’s 10-piece Deluxe Brush Set. I really like this pencil brush because its nice and dense and puts on product on the lower lash line quickly and easily. Its really great for adding inner corner highlight too. The Brush Kit was $25USD from Hautelook.


Royal & Langnickel MODA BMD-510 Brow Brush – $5.99USD


I bought this brush at IMATS and boy is it amazing. The packaging is super cute with an acrylic coating, and the bristles are soft and synthetic. Its dense yet soft enough and I love using this brush to add powder to my brows. It distributes product really evenly and doesn’t leave your brows looking choppy.

Any Spoolie


I love my spoolie. I’ve actually gone through a couple because I am so consistent with filling in my brows. And a crucial part of my routine is brushing through my brows first with a spoolie. The good thing about these is they don’t need to be fancy – e.l.f. has a really great one for $1 – but again its such a necessary step, especially if you’ve got unruly brows like I do.


Okay fishies! Let me know if I missed anything crucial! What do you guys like to use in your eyeshadow routines?

Until next time 😉



bf ♥




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