Makeup Revolution Haul!

Hey Fishies!

Exciting news – my Makeup Revolution package came in the mail recently and I am dying to haul this stuff. I got a little bit of everything – foundation, a couple palettes, highlighter, bronzer and brow products.

(Random note, MUR is now known as TAM Beauty, so I actually got a mix of things from their site – TAM owns MUR, as well as a couple other brands.)

Let’s jump right in.


Makeup Revolution The One Foundation – Shade 11


This foundation is supposedly a dupe for MAC’s Face and Body, which was my main draw for buying it. It’s definitely super runny, and the shade is a bit light for me (online shade matching, amirite?) The packaging is a little flimsy but hey, I got it for $5CAD so I can’t complain. The scent is unremarkable and it sets down pretty quickly. I didn’t have any problems with separation, although it is definitely not an 8hr foundation, so keep that in mind!

Eyeshadow Palettes:

I ♥ Makeup Salted Caramel Palette – 16 shadows

unnamed (11)

You guys. I have been test driving this palette since I got it and I am in love. The shadows in this palette are SO pigmented, both with finger swatches and on the brush. I feel like this is the perfect everyday palette, with a couple of shades that let you jazz it up for a more sultry or on-the-town feel. There are a couple shades that are slightly powdery or chalky, but this is easily fixed with MAC Fix Plus or any spray. Not to mention I am living for the giant mirror! The packaging is cute, an obvious “nod” to Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette, but the affordable alternative. I am itching to try out the other palettes in this ‘chocolate’ line.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic I

unnamed (10).jpg

This is another classic dupe on MUR’s end – this is what I feel to be a nod to the Urban Decay’s Naked series. The shadows are all amazing – a mostly shimmery and metallic palette, with a few staple matte shades. The pigmentation is on point and I am a sucker for warm neutrals. The packaging is standard, no mirror which is a downer for some (I’m okay with some palettes not having mirrors). Alongside the price tag, this is a definite recommend from me!

Eyebrow Products:

Freedom Makeup London Duo Eyebrow Powder – Ebony

unnamed (1).jpg

I think we’ve established that MUR is a dupe factory – and I mean that in the best way possible. I spotted this eyebrow powder and I knew it was duping Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyebrow powder…even the shade names are the same! I love ABH brow products, and my staple colour for reference is Ebony (I’ve got a medium golden complexion with dark black hair). I have used ABH powder in Ebony and I have to say this is quite comparable. The powder is smooth and silky, and the duo of colours allows colour-mixing for those who don’t have stark black browns, but aren’t necessarily a shade lighter. The powder applies easily and works well with waxes and brow gels. It can be a bit powdery but there is by no means any fallout during application.


Makeup Revolution Bronzer – Bronze Kiss

unnamed (2).jpg

So this bronzer… I have mixed feelings about this bronzer. I was in between this shade and the shade above, and again, online shade matching (grrrrrrr!). So I bit the bullet and chose this shade and to be honest with my complexion, it shows up very sheer. Once I lay down a base, it is noticeable, but in the lightest warm-up-the-face way possible. So when I’m feeling that mood for makeup, it works fine but sometimes I want to look bronze. Like bronze. If you’re medium in complexion, go a shade darker, otherwise you’ll have a setting powder on your hands. The actual product itself isn’t bad either – its a bit powdery, but the powder is finely milled and it goes on smoothly

I ♥ Makeup Blushing Hearts – Hot Summer of Love Bronzer & Love Hot Summer Bronzer (these names are so weird lol)

So I included this (and the next product) under bronzer because that’s what they’re marketed as… but these by no means are bronzers. They swatch like butter, and are amazing, but this is a straight up highlighter – the other shade is definitely a blusher. They are highly pigmented swatched, but not as intense when used with a brush. They show up beautifully because they are so metallic and glowy. If that’s not your jam, stay away. I experimented and used these as eyeshadow and they work beautifully, especially with a flat shader brush. Love Hot Summer is the more pinky blushed shade with flecks of gold, and it actually reminds me quite a lot of the Milani Baked Blush in Rose D’Oro (love that blush!!)

Highlighters & Strobing

Okay, before you judge…I went HAM.

I admit it. I have a highlighter problem.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream

unnamed (5).jpg

So I normally don’t opt for liquid or cream highlights, but again, I read that this was a good dupe for MAC’s Strobe cream.. I can’t say its a dupe, but it is quite nice. Its a sheer formula, but it leaves a nice sheen to the skin. By no means will you get a mega shine highlight effect, but I would recommend this to people who want a subtle, ethereal highlight. I liked the way this looked mixed in with my foundation too. I’m not gaga over it, but it’s not a bad strobe cream.

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate

unnamed (6).jpg

I haven’t had a chance to test drive this highlight, but boy does it swatch beautifully. I love a poppin’ highlight, so this was right up my alley. The pan is ginormous too so hooray for lots of product. The golden hue is really great for every skin tone too, so I am excited to try this on my complexion!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick – Rose Gold & Radiant

These bricks are everything guys. I swirl my brush in the entire pan and use a tapered brush to really pack it on. These are obviously dupes for Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks and I would say the formulation is quite similar. I have a BB Shimmer Brick in Gold and while the colour isn’t an exact dupe I actually prefer these, mainly because they aren’t as glittery as the BB Shimmer Brick. I definitely recommend these bricks, especially if you’ve never tried highlighters in the brick variety!

Makeup Revolution Highlighter – Golden Lights

unnamed (9).jpg

The last highlighter in my highlight rampage was the first thing I swatched. It is on the scratchier end for the MUR products – almost the same texture as a baked product. However, the colour payoff is amazing with a finger swatch so I have high hopes for this one! TAM Beauty just released a bunch of new shades so I am contemplating another order..heh..


That concludes the haul my fishies! What are your favourite MUR products? Did I miss anything holy grail status?

Until next time 😉



bf ♥


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