REVIEW: *NEW* Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

Hi fishies!

Time for my first review… and boy am I excited. For those who are familiar with Real Techniques, the makeup brushes and tools created by Sam and Nic Chapman (aka Pixiwoo), you know that they are quality. More quality than price ..truly. RT is probably one of my favourite drug store makeup brush lines, and I am a big fan of their Miracle Complexion Perfector (aka the orange sponge that dupes a beautyblender pretty nicely).

So given my love for RT and their amazing quality-for-the-dollar, you can understand why I was ecstatic to see these beauties while perusing my local drug store (London Drugs, for my Western Canadian fishies):

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.05.35 PM

Real Techniques created in my opinion, a dupe for the beautyblender mini sponges. I immediately bought them and have been testing them out for 2 weeks. They puff up quite nicely when run under water and are what feels like the same material as the orange Complexion sponge:


As you can see the shape is the same as the orange Complexion sponge, and it feels the same too – its not as soft as a beautyblender, but once wet, it expands and softens as you use it. I would say it expands a nice little bit too, just enough to fit into the undereye area, but big enough to cover enough ground when blending out product like concealer:

Left: wet Sponge, Right: unused, dry sponge

One oddity – the sponge gets a bit pale during washes and use, but I didn’t find that too off putting. I found it really worked well underneath my eyes to blend out concealer as well as baking my undereye.


The sponge fit quite nicely under my eye and wasn’t too small.

Application wise, there are definitely pros and cons. Pros are the wonderful size and how easily and quickly you can blend out concealer to look flawless. I like that the size lets me control where my concealer goes – I found with bigger face sponges concealer would end up too much on my nose and temple area because of the size of the sponge. With this guy, I can have way more precision. Another pro is that wonderful drugstore price: $5.99 CAD! Which means for folks in the states, it’ll probably run you anywhere from $4 – $5. I noticed on the back of the packaging that it said “Patent pending in the US and China” which would explain how a product miraculously showed up in Canada before the US. Another pro: you get 2 sponges for that wonderful price.

Now, onto the cons. My biggest gripe with RT sponges (in general) is that they soak up product. Not egregious amounts, but they soak up enough that you notice. I first noticed this with their orange sponge, but it didn’t bother me too much since the price was right and on the whole it did a good job. Another possible con: the sponge may be too big for your face. Now, your girl bf has a big face, so this sponge worked out quite nicely. But if you are of the petite variety, or have a slender, or small undereye area, this sponge might present a problem.

Final Verdict: Definitely worth the money, and I highly recommend. While the sponge might soak up a little product, it is soft, easy to use and so affordable. I’ll link here where I bought mine (for Canadians) and to my US compatriots, I am sure it will be in a drugstore near you soon!

Until next time!





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